12 Nov Top 5 Tips to Learn Arabic for the UAE National Day

There are so many great reasons to learn Arabic in the UAE, whether it be for travel, business or expat jobs. With 7 Emirates to explore, featuring beautiful, friendly and welcoming locals, you will be inspired to immerse yourself in the local culture. As the community celebrates its 45th National Day, why not make it your time to learn Arabic!
So, where should you start? 1317_emoji_iphone_thinking_face

If you have recently moved to the country and are working with locals or perhaps are watching your children learn Arabic at school, it’s only a matter of time that you to get out and give the local language a go! However, with the current population of the UAE standing at over 9 million (approximately 85% are expatriates), it is likely that you may find yourself spending time within your own nationality groups; your exposure to the local language may be limited.

Here’s our handy list that features the Top 4 Learning Tips to Practice Arabic within the local community:


Cultural Immersion

With many nationalities localizing themselves within newly formed social groups, finding a location where you can fully immerse yourself with native speakers is challenging. But, it is certainly worth discovering and rewarding. Keep in mind that many communities offer the opportunity to discover other dialects of Arabic, too.

The 7 Emirates:

  • Dubai – Try to take a break from the ‘New Dubai’ and try Dubai Creek and the local Souqs in Bur Dubai. They are wonderful places to immerse yourself within the more traditional Arabic community where you can see the rich local heritage. Spice Souk, Gold Souk and Dubai Creek are great places to mingle with locals and fellow culture vultures in town.
  • Abu Dhabi – the largest of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi offers many traditional communities. It hosts a range of cultural events that brings together locals to celebrate and promote their way of living.
  • Al Ain – Explore Al Ain, the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president of the United Arab Emirates, and with 8% of the population being locals, you are sure to find a friendly person to practice language with.
  • Sharjah – identified as the ‘Arab Capital of Culture’ by UNESCO in 1998 and ‘Islamic Culture Capital’ by Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in 2014,  Sharjah is the UAE’s Culture Capital. Don’t forget to drop by any of its 16 museums and enjoy a cultural feast at the Blue Souk (Central Market).
  • Fujairah – Aside from its beautiful coastline, Fujairah features a wealth of cultural heritage with warm and welcoming locals. The community enjoys spending time with family and friends on Fujairah Corniche. This is a beautiful location to visit and soak up the sun when its winter time.
  • Ajman – the smallest of the 7 Emirates, Ajman gives tourists and expats a cultural gastronomic experience. Visit Attibrah Restaurant or Themar Al Bahr to practice your Arabic skills by asking about the menu before you take a sumptuous Arabic meal.
  • Ras Al-Khaimah – Fondly referred to as RAK, this emirate offers a culture that is hidden in the natural beauty of outdoors. While you are exploring the UAE’s paradise, you may be fortunate enough to be welcomed by one of the locals that is ready to tour you around. You can find out more exciting adventure activities  when visiting Ras Al-Khaimah in this travel blog.
  • Umm Al Quwain – UAQ is a quieter Emirate with locals still enjoying a range of traditional activities. Visit the local tourism authority to experience Arab culture with locals participating in falconry, fishing, camel racing and dhow building.  Strike a friendly conversation in Arabic with them about their traditional pursuits and learn their history at the same time.


arabic classes

Eton Institute offers a wide range of accredited Arabic Language Programs in the Middle East. Choose your Arabic Class from a range of CEFR aligned levels that are held across two institutes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and taught by native Arabic instructors. Classes run 7 days a week with a variety of schedules based on your specific needs – from Weekend classes to Super Intensives (60 hours in 3 weeks) to get you on mastering Arabic in no time. See the benefits you can get from learning the language in the UAE.

Check out the upcoming classes and learn the culture in the best way possible – learning the language.

Abu Dhabi Class Schedules           Dubai Arabic Class Schedules


Live online learning

Should your working hours be grueling, or you find yourself traveling from time to time, online self-study language courses are for you. Live Online learning is a great way to introduce yourself to Arabic in a manageable bite-sized lessons with the comfort of self-paced and spontaneous learning. One of the most friendly and interactive platform is Cudoo, offering multi-format programs that will enable you to pick up Arabic anywhere, anytime 24/7. Check out their range of Arabic Language Courses and start learning on the go.



Eton Institute provides pocket-sized learning tools called Phrasebooks both in mobile app and print out copy. Learn Arabic from your SmartWatch or straight from the palm of your hand! Phrasebooks features 1,000 essential words and phrases to get you started in Arabic. This little gem offers learners the chance to try out a few phrases and become familiar with the basic greetings, numbers, the alphabet and local terms….all packed into 25 categories.  This is an essential tool when exploring the Emirates and trying out your conversation starters.

Interested to learn Arabic? There’s no perfect time than now with the UAE’s celebration of the 45th National Day on the 2nd of December. We look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with you, celebrating the language and culture of our beautiful country.

Do you have a current knowledge of Arabic and are keen to test your level? Take the Free Arabic Placement Test today!

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