Learning Arabic in the UAE Has Never Been More Important

28 Jun Learning Arabic in the UAE Has Never Been More Important

UAE is a multicultural nation with a diverse expatriate population, living together harmoniously. However, many aren’t aware of the country’s native culture, heritage or language.

Research suggests that 7 out of 10 expatriates have little or no awareness about the local culture, traditions and customs. Another study concluded that over 80% of the expatriates in the region have no knowledge of the Arabic language.

To preserve the Arabic language, UAE’s official bodies have introduced various initiatives over the years that encourage the learning and understanding of the local language. Here are some of their key initiatives:

The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) division at Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) made it mandatory for all commercial establishments in Dubai to use Arabic as the main language for receipts, invoices, menus, price tags, etc.

As a large portion of Dubai’s tourism consists of people from the Arab region, the aim is to provide them with information in a language they understand, especially since Arabic is the official language of the UAE.

The Arabic Language Charter, initiated by the Ministry of Culture, was established to preserve the essence of the Arabic language and enhance its usage in the region. The charter is designed to be used as a framework for the policies and laws related to preserving the Arabic language.

Additionally, a committee of experts was created to promote Arabic as a language of science & technology, keeping in line with the UAE’s aim of making the country a global center of excellence in the Arabic language.

When living and working in the UAE, knowledge of the Arabic language is essential. The above initiatives highlight the importance of learning Arabic in the UAE as you’re bound to encounter people and situations where the most appropriate or profitable form of communication will be in the Arabic language.

Transform the way you communicate, start learning Arabic now! 

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