05 Jul 8 Reasons Why LiveOnline Learning is Ideal for You

The dependence on technology today and the increase in acceptance of e-learning tools for training & development have allowed an undeniable growth of LiveOnline Learning. However, the concept isn’t novel: virtual learning has been around for over 30 years, albeit it was available only to individuals or firms with the resources to afford the technology. Since then, the internet has become increasingly more accessible; virtual learning is now widely available to people across the globe.

Defining the concept in a simple manner: LiveOnline Learning takes place online, delivered by an instructor in real time to one or multiple students. Virtual platforms such as Adobe Connect allow for discussions and sharing of learning resources.

Although the concept of virtual learning is old news, the full extent of the learning and development potential and benefits of such technology was recognized only recently. Here are 8 reasons that prove why LiveOnline Learning is ideal for you:

1. Convenience

You don’t have to travel anywhere, face the rush hour traffic or be put in a situation you aren’t comfortable with, a big boon if you’re an introvert! Learning a new language has never been easier, especially when it’s from the comfort of your couch. You have the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere.

2. Save Time, Increase Productivity

Do you have a packed schedule, but still want to squeeze in some language learning? Sharing the day between work, family life and personal development can be challenging. LiveOnline makes it easier, as it brings the classroom to you. No time is lost in travel or planning!

3. Global Teaching

Looking to learn a specific dialect? Or looking to learn from a teacher with a particular accent? It’s highly unlikely that the perfect teacher is in the same country as you, let alone in the same city. This is where LiveOnline Learning comes into play. It gives you the opportunity to interact with teachers from any corner of the world.

4. Quality

It’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of your language course. Internationally accredited curriculums provide high standards of learning. At Eton Institute, programs are based on the globally recognized CEFR/ACTFL frameworks to ensure your learning is transferable wherever you are in the world.

8 Reasons Why LiveOnline Learning is Ideal for You

5. Continuous Learning

LiveOnline encourages continuous learning as content is easily accessible through videos, blog articles, gamification and white papers. Furthermore, you can review the content anytime and anywhere due to its availability on multiple devices, aiding revision and repetition.

6. Interactive & Engaging

Research suggests that teacher-learner and learner-learner interaction is extremely important for student satisfaction. LiveOnline Learning, despite assumptions, is engaging and interactive. You can discuss topics and queries verbally and on discussion boards, giving you more ways to interact with each other.

7. Sense of Belonging

Traditional classroom learning develops a sense of belonging for the learner; difficult to achieve through online learning alone. Frequency and interactivity of LiveOnline sessions allow you, your instructor and other students build a community and create a sense of belonging.

8. Cultural Integration

Engaging with learners from different parts of the world encourages an exchange of cultural insights and experiences. Get a better understanding of people from other nationalities and backgrounds, all from the comfort of your home!

Now that you know the benefits of LiveOnline Learning, try it out here!

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