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Learning online is as old as the Internet itself. We do it all the time. You are doing it right now by reading these words.

Adapting to the new world is the need of the hour. Eton Institute’s LiveOnline Classes delivered via Webex connect you with an instructor remotely to deliver the same award-winning, accredited language training wherever you are. Whatever your learning needs or objectives, our LiveOnline classes provide you with an interactive and supportive remote learning environment. Courses on offer: Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, TESOL, IELTS Preparation & more!

How it works

Advantages of Remote Learning

  • Convenience: You don’t have to go anywhere! Forget the weather or car trouble. The language lesson comes to you wherever you are
  • Privacy: Learn in the comfort of your home, in an environment where you feel most at ease
  • LIVE learning: Your sessions are delivered to you LIVE, and are not pre-recorded, making your virtual classroom experience more interactive
  • Engagement: Courses are designed to cover clearly outlined learning outcomes along the four main skills in language learning – reading, listening, writing and speaking – and ensure appropriate levels of engagement with your classmates and instructor even in the online context
  • Flexibility: This set-up allows you the flexibility to look up references on a topic in the middle of a lesson and share your learning with the class!
  • Huge savings: Think of the money and time you end up saving in travel
  • Expertise: We provide you with expertise and best practices to support your learning. Our courses are mapped to CEFR levels, set by the Council of Europe
  • Review at your own pace: Your sessions can be recorded for review later on