Learning online is as old as the Internet itself. We do it all the time. You’re doing it right now by reading these words.

Eton Institute’s virtual language learning solution, LiveOnline connects you with a teacher to deliver the same award winning, accredited language training wherever you are.

How it works

Learn Business English from your home or office? No problem.

Learn appropriate Chinese business etiquette before your big meeting? You got it.

Learn a few key words of Arabic ahead of that presentation? Check!

Advantages of Virtual Learning

  • Convenience – you don’t have to go anywhere. Forget the weather, car trouble, wardrobe malfunctions. The language lesson comes to you.
  • Privacy – learn in the comfort of your home. Bad hair days are a thing of the past… and though we can’t promise you perfect locks, your webcam is optional so no one has to see.
  • Discuss and learn the things that matter most to you. Your instructor can suggest resources for you both to dissect; focus on what you want.
  • We provide you with expertise and best practices to support your learning.
  • Your sessions can be recorded for review later on – if you can get over listening to your own voice.
  • All learning is internationally accredited by EAQUALS, the European standards of language excellence. Courses are mapped to CEFR levels, set by the Council of Europe.

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8 Reasons Why LiveOnline Learning is Ideal for You
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