13 Dec 76 Must-Know Arabic Words & Phrases for Anyone Working in Retail

2018 is all about customer experience for the retail industry.

According to research, over 56% of retail customers cite obtaining product information in their native language as a more important factor than price when making purchase decisions.

Retail workers are expected to provide exceptional service, and knowledge of the Arabic language in the Middle East is essential for understanding the needs of the customers, increasing sales and enhancing the customer’s purchase experience. 

We have compiled the essential vocabulary for success in the retail industry in a comprehensive eBook. 

What you get:

  • 76 essential words and phrases in Arabic for any retail professional working in the Middle East
  • Top tips to ensure successful communication with customers
  • Bonus phrases to offer a luxury customer experience
  • Available in a downloadable and easy-to-read format!


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  • alyssapri1992
    Posted at 09:38h, 18 January

    We have compiled the essential vocabulary for success in the retail industry in a comprehensive eBook.
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