Global Programs for World-Class Learning

Eton Institute is your partner for Business Language Development on a global scale. We understand that language development is vital for employees to communicate effectively within teams and with customers.

We have developed a range of focused language training curriculums that transcend the workplace and will take your talent to the next level.

Customized Business Language Curriculum


Whatever your requirements, your teams’ needs or for enterprise-wide solutions, we work with you to ensure our language courses are in line with your business objectives.

  • Full immersion teaching method, activities and progress tracking complement the curriculum, internationally accredited by EAQUALS
  • Focus the four skills of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Communicative, student-centered approach, our courses maximize engagement while building confidence and independent language use

Industry-Specific Programs

Supporting Government Agencies Globally


Through either diplomacy or administration, government employees make a difference. Cross-cultural communication skills and language training allow a better understanding and enhance foreign relations. We support this through relevant, effective communication skills as well as a range of specialty products that cater to different departments.


Language Solutions for Enhanced Guest Experience


Guests are immediately reassured when they hear their native language being spoken. Our language training programs for the hospitality industry are designed to provide employees with all the language and communication skills required to exceed the needs of their guests, through hospitality-specific vocabulary in multiple languages and in-depth cultural understanding.


Essential Communication Through Skill-Based Application


It has also been proven that communicating with patients in their native tongue reduces anxiety and provides them with a sense of comfort. Healthcare professional need communication that is quick, clear, and effective to understand needs and nurture the relationship with their patients.


Customer Centric Communication Solutions


The success of retail employees relies heavily on their ability to communicate effectively and understand customer needs.

As mobility increases, the need for multilingual retail employees who can readily build trust and confidence grows too. Our retail-specific language training prepares employees to overcome common communication challenges with multilingual customers, therefore ensuring higher quality service.


Supporting Language Learning & Assessment for Learners Globally


The competitive job market for young generations highlights the importance of language proficiency tests. These qualifications support future graduates’ success in a globalized and multicultural environment. Through Cambridge English exams, all accredited by the University of Cambridge, future leaders have an advantage in reaching their study and career goals.


Global Language and Cultural Strategies for Mobile Workforces


To effectively accommodate international passengers strong language skills, solid cultural understanding and intercultural communication skills are essential in the aviation industry.


Customized Solutions with Measurable Outcomes


High-level professional have tons of ambition but also a very busy schedule. We understand that your C-Suite employees have hands to shake and deals to make. Our engineered solution ensures that they can prepare for global domination without skipping a beat.


Achieving Service Excellence with ASL

Ahead of Expo 2020 and in line with Dubai’s initiative ‘My Community…A City for Everyone’, Eton Institute worked with Atlantis, The Palm, to train their workforce in American Sign Language.

The participants share their experience about learning ASL and how it has benefited them.

Culture & Communication Workshops

Culture & Communication

Eton Institute works with corporations and their teams to ensure successful global business relations.
Customized workshops are offered to support:

  • Business Language Training
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Cultural Induction
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Managing Across Cultures
  • Accent Reduction
  • Language Assessments for recruitment
  • Customized Phrasebooks & Apps

Multiple Global Delivery Options

With the growing trend towards globalization, employee mobility and remote workforces, we offer a range of delivery options to ensure that international teams and individuals feel supported and are offered the same opportunities to learn a language, regardless of their location or timezone.

Global Delivery Options
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