Traveling is the best investment

09 Jul Why Traveling is the Best Investment of Your Life

Geoff E. shares his story of how traveling changed his perspective of life and how he considers it the best investment to make.

It is strange that I hardly remember the amount of money I spent in all the travels I’ve done in my life. The memories and experiences during my trips are what really stuck with me. There are many places I never imagined I’d visit, the unplanned detours and the great people who shared memorable stories with me. I have realized that a fulfilling trip packed with enriching experiences make me a better person.

Call me weird but for me, the best part of traveling is when it’s over. It is when you relive the moments and the nostalgia comes rushing in; it is addictive. This inspires me to think of new destinations and look forward to traveling. I had been immersing myself in other people’s cultures, interacting with a wide spectrum of individuals, and observing their community – these build up my character. I learn to empathize more with people.

We are always in pursuit of happiness. It’s natural for people to always want more. But, some are deluded into thinking that once they get a particular much-coveted item in their hands, they’ll be happy. News flash: not everything tangible will make you happy. At least, not for long.

“[Traveling] increases your tolerance and helps you relate better
with co-workers, family, friends and neighbors.”

However, those that invest in traveling to collect memories, to bond with strangers, to create relationships, achieve a different sense of self-fulfillment. In fact, studies revealed that people are happiest when they are in planning stage, anticipating for their trips.

As I globetrot over time, I have found out that the experience of traveling is truly liberating and life-transforming. As I ponder on the different yet unique attributes of peoples in the countries I visited, I began to deeply appreciate diversity and how much it beautifies the world. It increased my tolerance and I began to better relate with co-workers, family, friends and neighbors.

How would you witness the world’s beauty if you do not explore it? How would you appreciate the magnificent rock landscape of the Grand Canyon, or the mesmerizing waterfalls that bedeck Amazon forests in Brazil or the innocent gazelles running through the African savannas? Traveling makes your world bigger, your perspective wider. You start to develop humility within yourself and a heart to preserve such wonders on Earth.

In a fast-paced world where routine dictates our days, pushed by materialistic motives, it is easy to plunge into the world of temporary happiness. Traveling allows you to get the most out of life as you stick to your basic needs. Nothing more.

Allow me to quote the Fox from The Little Prince: “L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux” (What is essential is invisible to the eye). Traveling can help you discover the essentials of life one country at a time; they’re just waiting to be found.

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