18 Oct How to Improve Your Business Writing: Tips & Tricks

Kamal S. shares some tips on Business Writing.

Business Writing

Whether we want to or not, most of us have to write, and in most cases we write e-mails, reports or memos that have to be written in a professional capacity. Good writing is the report that gets action and the letter that says what a phone call can’t.

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 Amzanig huh?

In business writing, the language is solid, the point of view is clear and the ideas are well expressed.  It can be hard work, and even good writers can be discouraged, therefore it helps to have the know-how.  Here are some tips to remember:

  1. You must read. If the only writing you ever read is your own, you will have no standards to judge your writing against. Read like a spectator, if you must, but try to read like an apprentice.
  1. You must write. No matter how many rules you know, it takes practice to write well. Your tenth letter to a disgruntled client will be easier to write than the first one, and believe it or not, the tenth report will be easier to write too.
  1. You should want to write. Find personal reasons for wanting to write well and for wanting to communicate with others. Then, turn off the language cop that’s slowing you down and get writing.
  1. You need a feedback  system to tell you how you’re doing. You need to know if your writing works. People don’t learn to write well from being corrected; they learn not to write. Look at feedback as an opportunity to find better solutions, not as an opportunity to correct errors.shutterstock_145467799Enhance your skills with our Online Self-Study Professional Development Courses
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