09 Apr Makaton: The Sign Language for Non-Verbal Autism

Makaton is a language comprising of signs and symbols that helps individuals with either Non-verbal Autism or who experience difficulty in expressing themselves verbally.

With signs adapted from the British Sign Language (BSL), Makaton uses signs and symbols in combination with speech, in order to help people without any speech or those with imprecise speaking abilities.

The signs and symbols used in Makaton are fairly simple and, more often than not, are portrayed by gestures and actions that are implemented by the majority to depict the final message.

For example, pointing in a certain direction to show a particular object or joining hands in the ‘namaste’ position and tucking them under one side of the head to show that they are going to sleep.


Makaton is a highly flexible language and can be altered according to the learner’s requirements. More importantly, it helps people communicate and be understood in a clear and easy manner.

Lastly, it enables individuals with communication barriers to carry out everyday tasks and activities, such as group games or shopping, without depending on the help of a third party.

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