29 Nov Learner Spotlight: Arpine & Hala

This month, we feature not just one, but two learners. Read the inspiring story of Arpine and Hala, two classmates-turned-best-friends, and discover how learning a language did not only provide them knowledge but also a new friendship.

How did your friendship start in the classroom?

Arpine: Hala and I met while taking the German Course at Level A1.1. Jessie was our instructor and I remember she made the class environment incredibly friendly. That’s why it wasn’t difficult for me to approach my classmates. Pretty soon, we became a family, and that’s when I met my ultimate language buddy, Hala.

Hala: That’s so sweet, Arpine! It feels like just yesterday. We come from different backgrounds, yet we have found out that we are actually very alike! In class, we are often asked to practice in groups or pairs, so we took those opportunities to get to know each other.

You’ve been languages buddies from A1.1 up to your current level, B2.1 – that’s inspiring! Are you enjoying learning at Eton Institute? How is your instructor helping you in the process?

Arpine: Coming to class at Eton Institute is always a delight. Not only Jessie, but every member of Eton Institute is friendly. They are always excited to see me, which is very encouraging for me, as a learner.

Hala: Yes, of course! I always find myself looking forward to coming to class. Our wonderful teacher, Jessie, has a talent for always lightening up the mood. She has an amazing personality – extremely funny, understanding and caring. We wouldn’t know what to do without her!

“They [Eton Institute staff] are always excited to see me,
which is very encouraging for me, as a learner.”

Our learners are family, too! Going back to your language learning, do you find learning German challenging?

Arpine:  Sometimes, I jokingly say to my friends, that if it weren’t for my instructor, I would have never been able to wrap my head around German. It is a challenge to learn German and we are just fortunate enough to have Jessie guiding us through it.

Hala: Personally, I’ve been finding the language quite challenging. But that’s only because I haven’t been able to manage my time properly. Nevertheless, Jessie is always determined to guide us step by step.

What is the best part of learning German?

Arpine: Having a classroom full of great individuals that always support you, apart from friends and the teacher. Whether it’s a regular class or preparation for an exam, we are a strong team; we never let anyone down.

Hala: I agree with Arpine, I think the best part of learning German would have to be having an easy and supportive atmosphere.

Awesome! You’re both already at Level B2.1 and you plan to reach Level C1. What keeps you motivated? Does having a language buddy inspire you to learn?

Arapine: Of course! Preparing for an exam is incredibly difficult without someone to help you. During our B1 exam, Hala and I were partners for the speaking part of the exam, so we helped each other prepare days before, and we both got above 90% on the speaking!

“Not only will it [language learning] be extremely beneficial,
it will also help build new relationships.”

Hala: That’s the best! It’s always nice to have someone that is also going through the same things as you are. Arpine made it easier for me. We got 90%!

That’s what friends are for, right? What’s next for you? Do you plan on learning more languages?

Arpine: I am interested to learn Spanish; although, it is on the back-burner to German these days. In high school, I was learning a high level of Spanish. When I travel to Germany for university, I’m hoping to go to Spain to refresh my Spanish skills!

Hala: I love learning languages, but I might be focusing on German and improve it for now.

Exciting times ahead! What advice can you give to people who want to start learning a foreign language? Any advice on making friends while learning? 

Arpine: Don’t hesitate! It may seem daunting learning a whole new language. Just start the learning journey and the rest will follow – including creating friendships along the way.

Hala: Commit to your studies and homework. That was my mistake as I avoided studying in the earlier levels thinking it was easy. It all stacks up if you don’t study lesson by lesson. As for making friends, just learn to be open to giving and receiving help from your classmates. Not only will it be extremely beneficial, it will also help build new relationships.

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