03 Jun Learner Spotlight: Sarah Tuqan

Love makes people do many things…one of them is learning a new language. This month, we talk to Sarah Tuqan, an HR specialist, who is learning Italian for her partner. She has always been passionate about Italian culture and was more than happy to get started on her Italian language learning journey with Eton Institute. Watch and find out what drew her into the Italian program.

“…I am very interested in the culture and the food, it’s something that I value very much and that’s why I took the decision to start learning more about the culture and the language and hence signed up for a course at Eton Institute.” 

If you are interested in music, architecture, fashion, and arts, want to enhance your career or business opportunities, or immigrate to Italy, then Italian is a language to definitely learn. Choose from one of our group, one-to-one or duo learning Italian courses ranging from intensive to regular, weekend, classroom-based or online, that will target all four skills; reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

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