17 Apr 12 Common Japanese Words & Phrases

Set yourself apart from the crowd because the Japanese language is a fun and rewarding one to learn! By learning Japanese, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and understand Japan’s rich history and fascinating culture as well. So, if you’re new to learning Japanese, you’re going to need to grasp the basics first. Learn the language of the third largest economy in the world by starting off with these 12 common words and phrases that will help you survive any conversation.

1.       こんにちは – konnichiwa – Hello

2.       おはよう  – ohayou  – Good morning

3.       私の名前は – watashi no namae wa – My name is

4.       こんにちは – konnichiwa – Good afternoon

5.       こんばんは – konbanwa – Good evening

6.       さようなら – sayounara – Goodbye

7.       おやすみなさい – oyasuminasai – Goodnight

8.       ありがとう – arigatou – Thank you

9.       すみません – sumimasen – Excuse me / I’m sorry

10.     はじめまして  – hajimemashite – Nice to meet you

11.     はい – hai – Yes

12.    いいえ  – iie – No

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