23 Oct [Infographic] State of the Training Industry: Mandarin Chinese

Since the establishment of Beijing and Abu Dhabi’s diplomatic partnership in 1984, China and the UAE have grown to flourish as partners in business, trade and resources. China overtook India as UAE’s largest trade partner of the UAE and continues to remain so. The two countries witnessed trade worth $12 billion in the first quarter of 2017.

How can organizations in the UAE strengthen business relationships with China?

As business with China increases, companies in the UAE need efficient and effective communication skills to strengthen relationships and create long-term business. Consequently, learning Mandarin Chinese is the breakthrough move for future business success.

As part of our State of the Training Industry report series, we have compiled an infographic showcasing:

✔ The economic growth of China

✔ The relationship between China and the UAE

✔ The significance of Mandarin Chinese in business

✔ The advantages of Mandarin Chinese language training for the workplace

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