02 Oct How Important is Reading Digital Body Language

Sue B. explains how digital body language is essential in creating effective engagements. 

The average B2B customer has completed more than one-half of the purchase decision-making progress PRIOR to engaging a sales person directly, and at the upper limit this can be as high as 70%.  The modern buyer starts with their own online research as a jumping off point for the exploration and discovery process.

The ability to access capability whenever and wherever, and to augment our brains with digital complementary capability, is changing individual behavior, business and society.

Does this make the long – recommended art of reading body language to gauge buyer interest or engagement obsolete?

Rather, as we move forward, we’re seeing new opportunities emerge for connecting and understanding customers.  These include some familiar models, as well as some new capabilities.

What does this mean from a buyer – seller perspective? This makes the requirement for combining capabilities even more important. Digital body language provides the same net result: signals of what we are looking to buy / how we like to engage.

Digital Body Language

Digital body language = information based on buyer interactions

By analyzing and understanding prospect online behavior — email responses, web page views, social engagement, downloads and other core attributes — sales teams and marketers have a wealth of insights to track prospects through the buying process at a very personal level.

As we learn more about buyers across all online contact points (downloads, events, social media views and video views), sellers can gain a deeper understanding of their Digital Body Language and can more easily interrupt the buying process with relevant solutions.

As buyers, we want relevant focused content that will provide a solution we need. As sellers, we want to know what solutions people are looking for and whether we can help.

Better understanding digital body language benefits both sides of the circle.

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