22 Nov Effective Ways to Connect with Your Students

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.”   ̶  Charles Kuralt

Have you ever wondered why some teachers are more effective in connecting with their students than others? Moreover, how do they sustain the connectivity and maximize the opportunity for the class to create, develop and have fun all at the same time? Teaching is not a job, it’s a passion that comes from the heart which makes work fun!

The root to building the relationship is to connect with your students and getting to know their needs, while at the same time attempt to understand them as individuals. As everybody has great characteristics and attributes, the teacher is the one that must be willing to find this in each individual, by connecting and bringing out the best in them. Being a teacher is not easy because it takes a lot of time, effort, responsibility and patience to fully meet the needs of the students but at the same time, it is also very fulfilling.

Use these simple steps and see how the students will connect with you in no time!

1. Conduct an interview
In many cases, teachers spend a lot of time talking about themselves in the classroom while the people that should be speaking are the students. Ask the students to interview each other at the beginning of the course and find out what their interests are. Give them time to speak about each other and their experiences. You can give guided questions or allow the class to speak freely. This not only bonds the class but also allows the teacher to acknowledge the personality and background of the pupil, hence developing a classroom environment according to each person’s demands.

2. Give projects related to a person’s interest
It is important to utilize class time effectively and efficiently. You will be stunned by the information you are going to get from your students. If you guide and assign them to create presentations or activities on something, you will find important or interesting details that connect you to your learners. Ask students what they would like to develop on the most and then assign them to do a project on it. Peer teaching is also an activity everybody enjoys while it also builds motivation and confidence. Encourage them to initiate: the sky is the limit on what they will accomplish!

3. Provide Classroom Discussions 
Make them the center of attention, let them be the leaders in the classroom. Ask students about the topics they would like to discuss and then have them share their ideas and views with each other. People usually have the need to share and talk about their thoughts and feelings with others. So, what a better place to do this than with their teacher and classmates, especially when learning a language. Discussions also give students the opportunity to develop their own voice, increase confidence and enhance listening skills. Always remember, sharing is caring!

4. Create or attend events
Some of the best ways to connect with students is in a friendly, casual, environment of their choice. Accepting a student’s invitation for a social event such as a wedding, festive gathering or even a birthday party is significantly overwhelming! As for them, to spend time with their teacher outside the classroom makes them feel special, and that adds to their confidence. Also, creating cultural feasts such as breakfast, lunch or dinner is another great way to connect with your students. Everybody loves to share their culture and what a better way to do this than through sharing food. It works every time!

Take that extra mile to connect with your students and they will surely love you for it!

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About the Author: Andry N. loves new experiences and socializing with people from all over the world. She enjoys challenges believing that they help us grow stronger in life. Very optimistic!

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    Ask the students to interview each other at the beginning of the course and find out what their interests are. Thank you..
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