04 May Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom

Andry N., one of our instructors in Abu Dhabi, highlights the important role of technology in teaching profession.

The Secret of Change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building on the new.” – Socrates

Teaching in a classroom without the use of technology nowadays is like what Socrates had described to be“fighting the old and not focusing on the new”. Our job as teachers and trainers is to prepare the students for the future, creating lifelong experiences for new endeavors, studies and workforce. At Eton Institute, we make learning fun and creative by the use of technology. The list is endless: smart boards, smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets, social media, projectors, digital cameras, audio visual media, e-books, e-learning and online course. These are some of the many technological means that are readily available, friendly to create a conducive learning environment. So by injecting fun and interactive lessons with the use of technology, we contribute in developing their language skills and interpersonal growth.

From the very first day, expose your students to fun activities using technology. You may start with you presentation about yourself that can be used as an icebreaker and ask them to do the same. Show them a funny video that will catch their attention and get the relaxed mood of learning. Students are always in need of reason for motivation and inspiration. Who should initiate that? Us, teachers.


There are many mobile applications that can be useful throughout their course such as games, dictionaries, thesaurus and e-books. Eton Institute has its own language learning app called “Langu.ag” that guides students in their journey to master over 100 languages. It also has phrasebooks which are mini-dictionaries of useful words, phrases and greetings. Online courses are also a great way for students to maximize their opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere.

Listening to songs and reading the lyrics is also a great way to complement the class lessons. I personally use music to teach all levels and students simply love this cultural experience. Music also builds self-confidence while simultaneously creating a warm and friendly classroom environment.

There is no doubt that children are divulged into technology from their cradles with the use of cellular phones and tablets. A research reveals that 85% of the students developed new skills and improved their retention rate through technology. Incorporating technology into your teaching lifestyle will not just create fun, innovative lessons, it will also give students language learning experiences that last a lifetime.

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