Chinese Vocabulary for the Hospitality Industry

21 May 65 Must-Know Chinese Words & Phrases for Anyone Working in Hospitality

Over 540,000 Chinese nationals visited the UAE in 2017; a figure expected to increase by 20% by the year 2021.

The capital of the country, Abu Dhabi, witnessed a 40% increase in Chinese guests annually, from 2014-2017. Meanwhile, Dubai saw a 41% increase in Chinese tourists in 2017; a result of the ’30 Day Visa-on-Arrival’ policy for Chinese nationals.

To further promote the inflow of Chinese tourists to the UAE, various initiatives have been taken by Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce and Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture & Tourism, which includes partnerships with Chinese tech companies WeChat and Baidu.

With an increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting the UAE, building strong guest relations is the need of the hour to achieve success and profitability in UAE’s hospitality industry.

In order to capitalize the influx of Chinese visitors, we have compiled a comprehensive eBook with the essential Chinese vocabulary you will need to enhance service and gain a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry:

You will learn:

  • 65 essential Chinese words and phrases for hospitality professionals
  • Key etiquette and body language tips for improved communication


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