02 Oct 65 Must-Know Arabic Words & Phrases for Anyone Working in Hospitality

Do you work for a hotel in the Middle East? If Arabic is not your first language, it should definitely be your second (or third)! Knowledge of the Arabic language is essential to support your customer service skills as well as ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Speaking to a guest in their native language turns average service into excellent service. It allows you to better understand your guests, reassuring them that their needs and requests will be met. With a high occupancy rate of local and regional guests, intermediate to high proficiency in Arabic has become essential.

We have compiled a comprehensive eBook with all the essential hospitality vocabulary you need to know. You will get:

  • 65 essential words and phrases in Arabic for any front-end hotel professional working in the Middle East
  • Top body language tips to ensure an open, two-way communication with your guests
  • All this knowledge in a downloadable, easy-to-read format!


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