32 Common French Words & Phrases

19 Mar 32 Common French Words & Phrases

Did you know that French is in the top 5 most spoken languages in the world? Knowing that there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world nowadays, this is a great position.

The French language originates from France and has about 80 million native speakers. French is the co-official language of Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg; almost 30 countries claim French as an official language or an administrative language.

You surely ask yourself which countries speak French, and the answer to your question is: France, Canada, Belgium, Cameroon, Congo, and so on.

Below is our list of 32 basic words and phrases in French that will certainly make you want to learn French!

1. Bonjour! – bon-zhoor Good morning!

2. Bonsoir! – bon-swahr – Good evening!

3. Bonne après-midi! – bo-onh ah-p-ree mee-deeGood afternoon!

4. Bonne nuit! – bawn-nweeGood night!

5. Salut! – suh-loohHello!

6. Quoi de neuf? – kwa d (eu) neuf What’s up? / What’s new?

7. Comment allez vous? – koh:mah ah:lay voo – How are you?

8. Bien merci – bi-ahn mer-seeGood, thanks

9. Bien merci, et toi? – bi-ahn mer-see, et tua – Good thanks, and you?

10. Ravi de vous rencontrer – ra vee de voo rahn-kawn trey – Nice to meet you

11. Comment vous appelez-vous? – kam-ent voo ap-pelez vooWhat is your name?

12. Passez une bonne journée – pas-sez yn bawn junai Have a nice day

13. A bientôt! – a byan-toh – See you soon!

14. Oui/ Non – wee/non – Yes/No

15. Merci! – mer-see – Thank you!

16. S’il vous plaît! – sille voo plaetPlease!

17. De rien – da riyen – You are welcome!

18. Je vous en prie! – je voo em prie – You are welcome! (formal) / Go ahead/ Be my guest

19. Aidez-moi – ai de mwa – Help me!

20. Je ne comprends pas – je nai com pren pa I don’t understand

21. Es-ce que vous parlez anglais? – es c ke voo pa lez an glae – Do you speak English?

22. Avez-vous? – a vez voo – Do you have?

23. Excusez-moi! – ex kue zay mwa Excuse me/ Sorry

24. Combien ça coûte? – com byan cou te se ci – How much does it cost?

25. Où-ce trouve la Tour Eiffel? – ou se truve la tou ef feil – Where is the Eiffel Tower?

26. Qu’est-ce que c’est? – keske se – What is this/that?

27. C’est bien! – se byan – This/ that is good!

28. C’est beau/Jolie! – se bo/ jo lee – This/ that is beautiful!

29. Au revoir! – o re voir Goodbye!

30. Comment puis-je vous aider? – kam-ent puis je voo ai de – How may I help you?

31. Je t’aime – je temI love you!

32. Bonne année! – bo-ohn ann e – Happy new year!

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