24 Common German Words & Phrases

05 Dec 24 Common German Words & Phrases

Did you know that many German words are closely related to English words?

Being an official language of the European Union, German is a widely spoken language worldwide and the most spoken native language in Europe. Are you wondering where it is spoken mostly? Over 100 million people in Austria, Switzerland (and of course Germany) speak German! The German language is in fact, the most widely-understood language after English and a popular second or third language choice in Europe alone.

Below is our list of 24 common words and phrases in German that’ll surely make you want to learn German straight away!

1. Hallo! – hallo! Hello!

2. Was ist los? (informal)vas ist los What’s up?

3. Wie geht es dir/Ihnen? – vee geht es deer/eenen How are you?

4. Danke, gut – dangke, goot –  Good, thanks

5. Sehr erfreut! – zehr erfroyt! –  Pleased to meet you!

6. Wie heißt du/Sie? – vee hei-st du/ zee?What is your name? (Literally: How are you called?)
     Or: Wie ist dein / Ihr Name? vee ist dine/eer naameh?

7. Guten Morgen! – gooten morgen! – Good morning!

8. Guten Tag! – gooten tahk! – Good day!

9. Guten Abend! – gooten ahbend! – Good evening!

10. Schönen Tag! – ynen shurnen tahk – Have a nice day!

11. Auf Wiedersehen – owfveederzehn – Looking forward to seeing you again

12. Bis bald! – bis bal-dSee you soon!

13. Ja / Nein – yah / nyn – Yes / No

14. Dankedung-kehThank you

15. Bittebit-teh Please/ Welcome/ Excuse me

16. Hilfe! – hill-feh – help!

17. Sprechen Sie Englisch? – shprekhen zee eenglish? – Do you speak English?

18. Ich verstehe nicht ikh fershtehe nikht – I don’t understand

19. Entschuldigen Sie entshooldingoong zee – Excuse me

20. Haben Sie…? – hahben zee…? – Do you have…?

21. Was kostet das? – vas kostet das? – What is the cost for that?

22. Wo ist / sind…? – vo ist / zeend…? – Where is/are…?

23. Was ist das? – vas ist das?What is that?

24. Das ist gut – das ist gootThat’s good

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