24 Jan 12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today

Slang words can be literal or figurative or both, it is the rule-breaking spectrum of the English language as it also incorporates the funny side of “it doesn’t make any sense” or “it isn’t in the dictionary!”. However, slang words are frequently used amongst younger groups to convey thoughts because they’re fun and they show how creative one can be with expressing feelings.

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with trendy slang words, our list below will help you. Give it a shot!

1. YAS

Meaning: yes

It is used as a common expression when feeling good about a particular thing. You can also think of it as an “excited” way of saying “yes!”

A: “Are you coming to the party night?”


12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today


Meaning: on point/perfect

On fleek” is originally used to describe a perfect eyebrow and eyeliner, but is currently used to describe anything that is just perfect.

“Her winged eyeliner is on fleek!”

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today


Meaning: private

Used when people want to say something but keep it private, it is also used to describe something quiet.

 A: “Have you told your friends about the latest goss?”

B: “No, I want to keep it lowkey for now.”

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today

4. YOLO 

Meaning: You Only Live Once

“YOLO” pronounced yo-low is pretty straight forward – it’s an acronym but now a common expression. It is popularly used as an indicator of doing something spontaneous or out of the comfort zone of an individual.

“I can’t believe I ate a whole pizza, oh well, YOLO!”

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today


Meaning: crazy

 The word is used to define craziness to a whole new different level.

“Did you see how the concert ended last night? It was cray-cray!”

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today

6. OTP

Meaning: One True Pair

The abbreviation is originally used to define a matching couple but is also used to define something complimentary to another thing (like fries and ketchup).

Here’s an example: “Aww… Jane and Tim are so cute together – they’re so OTP!”


Meaning: upset/annoyed

“Salty” is an adjective used by a person to describe another person as being in a bad mood or just upset towards an incident. Lately, it’s often used to express sarcasm.

“She was very salty because she didn’t find the dress she wanted.”

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today


Meaning: surprised

Commonly used as an expression when a person is surprised by a fact or an incident; however, it is also an expression often used to describe excitement: “Girl…I’m shook.”

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today

9. FAM

Meaning: family

You’d use “fam” to describe a close friend or an individual that is not related by blood but is equivalent to family.

A: “Can I come with you guys?”

B: “Of course! You’re fam.”

fam10. MOOD 

Meaning: relatable

It is used to describe someone’s feelings, but it’s now used as an expression of being in a state of a certain emotion/vibe or just relating to someone else’s emotion. For e.g., you can share the below giphy and caption it: #CurrentMood

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today


Meaning: over the top/excessive

The word is originally aimed at defining a “drama queen”; in addition, it is also used as a form of expression when a person does something out of his/her usual routine or comfort zone.

“Why are you being so extra today?”

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today

12. GOALS 

Meaning: a target(s) or goal(s) you want to achieve.

Sometimes used as a hashtag, it describes something that people, a group of friends, or couples aspire to.

#Goals #SquadGoals #RelationshipGoals

12 Most Trendy Slang Words Used Today

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