18 Jul [Infographic] 10 Most Powerful Languages in the World

Francis Bacon, an English philosopher, once said “Knowledge is power“. In a globalized society where bilingual professionals have the upper hand to advance faster in their careers and access a world of opportunities, this couldn’t be more accurate.

So does that mean you need to learn a new language to be successful? Pretty much. Languages offer opportunities. From travel to international business and engaging in diplomacy to understanding media, languages enable individuals to gain a better understanding of the world.

Here’s a list of the 10 most influential languages, ranked according to the Power Language Index (PLI). Each language has different reasons to be in the top 10, from its geography and wide reach to their growing economy.


So, what’s your next language? Learn one of these powerful languages to support your personal and professional growth

About the Author: Saania K. is passionate about language learning and cultural appreciation for business. She speaks English and Hindi and is considering learning Spanish. Powerful!

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