Arabic Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The Arabic language is one of the oldest languages to date. For centuries, it has been used in the Middle East and represents a unique history and tradition. Today, it is essential to communications within the region, from business agreements and formal contracts to marketing and public relations campaigns. That is why non-natives can benefit from speaking Arabic fluently.

Eton Institute is an established training center that offers comprehensive communication courses and language training to individuals and organisations. Our aim is to help participants sharpen their communication skills and equip them with the necessary tools to help them master any foreign language they prefer. Our internationally accredited Arabic classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offers courses for beginners and those who want to take up advanced levels.

Whether you prefer to learn through a classroom-based setting or via online, we are here to provide you with the guidance you need.

Our Kids and Teens Arabic courses are offered in small groups for ages 7-9, 10-12 and 13-16 years.

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Why You Need to Learn to Speak Arabic?

Apart from getting to know more about the unique history of this language, there are certain advantages of learning Arabic, especially for beginners.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Choose from a wide range of language courses and master your fluency in all four aspects of communication: listening, reading, writing, and speaking

Better Career Opportunities

Create a positive impact in your workplace by learning the Arabic language. Our Business Arabic courses and Arabic Conversation classes can help you communicate better in the workplace and improve your career.

Prepare for a Test

Our Exam Preparation courses for ALCT can prep you and enhance your language proficiency.

Learn Arabic from the Language Experts

You may be wondering how to learn Arabic? Our team of highly-trained language instructors works with you to help you learn the language effectively. They provide practical techniques and insights to make language learning more engaging and enjoyable for all learners.

Arabic Group Courses
  • Dynamic and immersive techniques taught by experienced native speakers
  • 30-hour course over a duration of 3 weeks or 5 to 7.5 weeks
  • Average class size of 12

“All Levels” means this course is currently available for every learning level, from beginner level upwards. Subject to a minimum number of 4 students.

A registration fee of AED 157.5 (Incl. VAT) applies to new students. All courses are subject to availability and terms and conditions. Learning materials excluded in courses rates and packages.

One-to-one / Duo Learning Courses

One-to-one Courses


  • One-on-one classes with a personal instructor
  • Tailor-made classes to fit individual needs
  • Flexible class schedules at a location of your choosing
  • 20-hour course; option to take additional hours as needed


Duo Learning Courses


  • Maximum of 2-3 participants. Option to book a private class for a small group of friends or colleagues
  • Tailored classes based on the group’s needs and knowledge
  • Flexible schedule and location based on your group’s schedule and availability
  • 20-hour course; option to take additional hours as needed


Registration fee of AED 157.5 (Incl.VAT) applies to new students. All courses are subject to availability and terms and conditions. Learning materials are excluded in courses rates and packages.


Additional transportation fee of AED 787.5 (Incl.VAT) applies to 20-hour courses conducted outside of the Institute.

Arabic Live Online Courses
  • User-friendly platform, no special technical knowledge needed
  • Platform accessible on multiple devices and channels
  • Take a group tutorial session or book an individual class, based on your preference
  • Personalized learning with an internationally qualified instructor
Arabic Self-study Courses

Reach the next level of language success in no time with interactive activities and fun cultural tips.

160+ Languages in One Platform

Unlimited online access for 12 months; learn multiple languages or specialize in one

Valuable Cultural Insights

Cultural information that can help enhance your comprehension and appreciation of the Arabic language

Learn At Your Own Convenience

Available through multiple platforms (desktop and mobile devices)