Language Solutions

160+ languages & all the flexibility

Convenient, practical and tailored learning, face-to-face, self-study or online.

Strong skills, stronger employees

Build long-term team confidence through effective constructive communication.

Embracing cultural diversity

Cultural understanding & appreciation to work better together.

How It Works

Your team, your training. We tailor our language and communication programs to your organizational needs. A dedicated coordinator will support you during the entire process.

  • Learning journey starts here
  • Consultation identifies objectives and sets learning outcome
  • Pre-course testing and learning style assessment
  • Program starts. At Eton Institute, online or at your location
  • 4th lesson feedback with learners ensures that class chemistry is a success
  • Performance is closely monitored via practical progress-based assessments
  • End of Course Report is generated to highlight achievements, conclusions and recommendations
  • Post-Course retention strategies provide ongoing reporting of student engagement
  • The learner journey is still being written! Speak to us about how we can continue to support professional growth

Customized phrasebooks

Global mobility

60% global mobility experts claim that knowledge of the local language and culture is one of the biggest barriers to global mobility.


Address the areas that bridge the employee with their new location, through language, communication, cultural understanding and business etiquette  – before, during and after relocating.


Employees who are being relocated need extra support to ensure a smooth integration, maintenance of productivity and overall wellbeing.


Supporting your employees’ communication needs every step of the way:

15-hour tailored live online instruction at home

4-hour cultural orientation upon arrival

Self-study solution for continuous development

Customize your global mobility program to the needs of your company and employees, through our wide range of options:

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