30 Apr Eton Institute Showcases Globalization & Diversity Training Tools at the ATD Conference & Expo 2017

Eton Institute exhibits the latest innovation for language, culture and communication training for the workplace at the ATD Conference & Expo 2017.

New York, 25th April, 2017- A research by the Brookfield Global Relocation Trends Survey estimated that 71% of employers state language barrier as the main reason for communication breakdowns at the workplace, while 55% expressed that the lack of cross-cultural training leads to the same problem. As diversity at the workplace increases, the lack of language, cultural and communication training for the workforce is alarming and its importance is significantly underestimated by organizations.

Eton Institute is exhibiting the latest advances for workforce training in Languages, Culture and Communication at the Association of Training & Development’s (ATD) Conference and Exposition 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from the 22nd-24th of May. Based in the UAE and specializing in the Middle East region for cultural intelligence and business expansion, Eton Institute offers qualitative cultural and linguistic knowledge that is tailor-made according to business needs.

Currently, workplace diversity is growing at a rapid pace as an increasing number of firms are integrating with and converting to international business. The rise in the interdependence of human capital is creating a need for employees to be proficient in foreign languages and cultural intelligence to conduct business efficiently. Eton Institute’s product range comprises of innovations that aid employee learning with the following:

  • LiveOnline Language & Cultural Training
  • Global Mobility Programs
  • Branded Communication Tools

Tudor Totoescu, Corporate Training Manager at Eton Institute, commented, “We are thrilled to be showcasing our products that aid organizations to achieve maximum potential through training in foreign languages, culture and communication. We truly believe that language and communication barriers can hinder a firm from reaching maximum productivity hence, with solutions in the form of LiveOnline training & Co-branded Phrasebooks, employees can learn anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, Eton Institute’s Global Mobility programs offer employees a chance to learn everything they might need in a foreign country, right from common local language phrases to helpful cultural etiquette. This will empower the individuals, as well as the firm, to perform in a profitable manner.”

Visitors will also have the chance to win a weekend getaway to the city of Dubai and experience the multicultural hub of the Middle East by participating in a fun social media competition.

To learn more about how effective communication and cultural intelligence can impact a business, visit Eton Institute at stand #1145 at Georgia World Congress Center from the 22nd-24th of May, 2017 in Georgia, Atlanta, USA.

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