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04 Oct The UAE’s First ‘Convince Your Boss’ Program for Language Training

Eton Institute launches employer sponsorship for employees to attain language and communication skills training for improved productivity. 

Dubai, 4th October, 2017- A study conducted by the Pew Research Centre (2016) concluded that 87% of millennials believe it is essential for them to receive professional training and development at the workplace while another research by PWC states that 35% of employees consider it as the essential perk desired from their employer. Despite strong statistics depicting high demands for employee skill training, a majority of them don’t obtain it, citing reasons such as budgetary concerns of the employer or lack of evidence of monetary return on investment.  

Supporting employees acquire an enhanced skill set through foreign language and communication training, Eton Institute has launched the ‘Convince Your Boss’ employer sponsorship program to help employees influence their organizations into sponsoring their language courses through partial or complete reimbursement.  

Research by McKinsey & Company suggests that businesses, which operate with a multicultural and multilingual workforce, tend to outperform their industry competitors by an approximate 35%. Acquiring proficiency in a foreign language will not only benefit the individual but also the business as a whole.

Tudor Totoescu, Business Learning Success Manager at Eton Institute, commented, “Over the last decade, Eton Institute has witnessed the positive growth and development of many professionals as a direct result of a successful foreign language training. In today’s globalized business environment, the need for bilingual employees is greater than ever. Our aim with ‘Convince Your Boss’ is to help employees make their case, a feat that would ultimately benefit the organization and add value to its capability of building relationships in the market.”

The program begins when the employees specify their course of interest, outlining their key learning requirements. Eton Institute supports them by providing benefits of the training, job role impact and the expected return on investment to their organization.

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