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Eton Institute has always aimed at providing the best communication solutions to individuals and businesses in the UAE and across the globe. Therefore, we have partnered with Speexx, the renowned cloud-based language solutions provider, to offer your business the unlimited benefits of digital learning.

Speexx combines new-age digital learning and traditional social learning through a virtual classroom and interactive, self-paced activities.


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You can…

  • Enhance your team’s communication skills with the world’s leading digital learning solutions provider
  • Find the training method that fits your company’s needs perfectly
  • Give your team the option to learn when they want, where they want
  • Receive continuous support and feedback on your team’s progress from their personal coach


If you run a diverse workforce or have clients abroad, Speexx is your best bet for improving your team’s communication skills and productivity in an efficient manner.

What do we offer?


Language Proficiency Tests

The Speexx Online Test is based on the CEFR standards and provides a quick and efficient language assessment for the management. It assesses reading, listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills of the candidate in comparison to international business standards.

Languages Available: Business English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

Global Virtual Classroom

Powered by Speexx Live, this virtual classroom is the perfect example of Global Blended Learning. It pools together all the tools required to create a one-stop source for online language training: personal coaching, a virtual classroom, mobile learning, weekly assignments, and holistic feedback.

Over 30,000 exercises, 4,000 study hours and 40 types of activities for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian for all levels.


and more!

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