18 Sep Understanding European Cultures With Language Learning

Eton Institute celebrates the European Day of Languages by offering learners an exciting opportunity to enhance their communication skills.

Dubai, 18 September 2018 – Languages are a key aspect to understanding a country’s culture, interacting with its people and building long-term relationships; for both personal and professional gain. Languages have the power to influence relationships and improve interaction significantly.

The European continent is home to 288 languages, spoken by almost 1.726 billion speakers (Ethnologue 2018). While English is considered the lingua franca of international communication, fluency in other European languages opens the door to understanding and connecting with other regions and cultures.

In celebration of the European Day of Languages on 26th September 2018, Eton Institute is offering discounts on language courses. Learners can take advantage of 15-50% off all European languages, Business English and IELTS Preparation courses at the Dubai and Abu Dhabi campuses, and online.

Romina Mahtani, the CEO at Eton Institute, commented, “Eton Institute has celebrated the European Day of Languages for 12 years now and every year we aim to support learners in acquiring new languages, improve their communication skills and gain a deeper connection with the European culture.”

“This year, in addition to the discount, we’re also offering yummy treats for those who sign up for courses on the day, but you will need to wait to find out what these are!” she added.

To learn more about the event, visit: www.etoninstitute.com/event/european-day-of-languages-2018

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