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10 Oct Reinforcing the Strengths of UAE Startups through Language Training

Eton Institute promotes language training for startups and entrepreneurs to support business expansion and build stronger relationships.

Dubai, 10th October 2017- Startups are a vital source of job creation in the economy, with approximately 300 million jobs being created annually across the globe, according to research. They are organizations consistently adding value to a country’s economy.

The UAE, being the entrepreneurial hub of the Middle East, has given rise to a large number of startups over the last decade. A report by CB Insights stated that 40% of startups in the UAE raised investor funds between $500,000 and $2 million (2017).

Despite concrete advantages such as creating business opportunities for other firms, adding to technological innovation, driving development in local areas and initiating solutions for consumer problems, a majority of startups have difficulty in providing training & development to their employees as a result of strict financial budgets.

In a multicultural nation such as the UAE, it is vital for employees of any business, especially startups, to be able to communicate effectively with their clients and partners. Language skills in Arabic, English, Business English/Arabic and Business Writing are essential for building and nurturing relationships while consistently generating business growth.

As a way of supporting local businesses, Eton Institute is offering customized language training solutions at a highly discounted price for budding entrepreneurs and their team. The course also includes added value features, such as a complimentary online self-study subscription (powered by Cudoo®), an e-book relevant to the training and a language phrasebook for each participant.

Tudor Totoescu, Business Learning Success Manager at Eton Institute, commented, “Our special offer for entrepreneurs aims to support local startups by giving them a chance to learn languages for improved communication with their current and potential clients, all at an affordable price! Added value tools will aid this continuous learning process and add to their growing productivity.”

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