30 Apr Pedal Away to Brainpower: Eton Institute to Launch First Bike-Share in Dubai Knowledge Park

Eton Institute introduces the first bike-share initiative in Dubai Knowledge Park, highlighting the benefits of cycling in learning a language.

Dubai, 26th April 2017 – A study conducted by the University of Illinois revealed that a 5% improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling is associated to up to 15% score increase in mental tests. Scientists from the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research found that people scored relatively higher on tests on memory, reasoning, and planning after 30 minutes of riding a stationary bike than they did before they took the physical activity. These studies explain that cycling helps in forming new brain cells in the hippocampus, the region responsible for developing memory skills.

Eton Institute encourages the UAE community to practice a healthy lifestyle by providing free bicycles to rent around the campus. This is the first and only bike-share service in Dubai Knowledge Park. The free bicycles are available for shared use to public on a short term basis and will allow people to go around the world-class hub, sightseeing the bike-friendly community.

“This initiative complements the language learning process which is helpful not only to improve the learners’ perspective, but to also save the planet by contributing zero pollution. With Dubai Knowledge Park’s newly paved biking lanes, our bikes could never be more timely and convenient for people commuting to and fro the campus. More importantly, our free bike-share can inspire other people to practice this healthy habit, giving a ‘positive spin’ to brainpower and environment,” said Romina Mahtani, CEO at Eton Institute.

Eton Institute is located at Block 3, Dubai Knowledge Park along Al Sufouh Road. To know the directions on how to get to the location, visit

For additional information please contact:
Manon Hazell
Marketing Manager
Eton Institute
Ph: +971 4 4386 809

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