Learning Mandarin Chinese: Business Language of Tomorrow

31 Oct There Has Never Been a Better Time to Learn Mandarin Chinese

Dubai, 31st October 2017 – Chairman Xi Jinping was enshrined in the Chinese constitution last week, shortly after laying out his plans for the future of China, in what is said to be his new era of thought for the world’s second-largest economy.

His 3-hour, 23-minute speech at the 19th Communist Party Congress, stated that by 2050 the country will “stand proudly among the nations of the world” and “become a leading global power” moving closer to the center of the world stage. He promised to increase market access for foreign companies and also increase the markets’ role in the financial system and exchange rate.

New opportunities and partnerships with China arise setting a growing trend, notably for UAE businesses. Bilateral trade between the UAE and China has grown from $63 million in 1984 to $60 billion at the end of 2016.

So, where to start? Overcoming the communication barrier is a must to successfully entertain the idea of doing business with China. Mandarin Chinese is natively spoken by over 960 million people and is often referred to as the most important language of tomorrow. Knowledge of the language will support effective communication while strengthening relationships with potential partners and clients. It’s a known fact that the Chinese language can be tricky to grasp. Here are a few fun facts to get started.

In the Chinese business world, people are also very particular about “礼仪” (lǐ yí), or ‘etiquette’. Respecting the country’s business etiquette is crucial to set the tone and maintain a healthy, respectful and trustworthy business relationship. Some important cultural etiquette tips, right here.

“Language and culture should be at the top of a company’s priorities when it comes to engaging in foreign business. It’s an essential step to positively influence the approach, establishing reassurance and trust. Customized language courses and cultural training are an effective solution to prepare teams and organizations for new China-based ventures,” commented Mark Abi-Aad, Learning Solutions Director at Eton Institute.

To learn more about the importance of Mandarin Chinese as the business language of the future, visit: https://etoninstitute.com/blog/infographic-state-training-industry-mandarin-chinese

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