Launching Speexx in the Middle East

14 Aug Launching Speexx in the Middle East – An Innovative Digital Learning Platform

Eton Institute partners with the intelligent language learning platform, Speexx, to offer organizations a unique communications training opportunity.

Dubai, 14th August 2019 – Research suggests that approximately 70% of employees in a company feel a sense of empowerment and boosted confidence from language training, specifically when communicating with their peers, partners or clients. Therefore, providing language training to the workforce is an essential investment for businesses to expand overseas and increase profitability.

Eton Institute has partnered with Speexx, an intelligent language learning platform for the digital workplace, to offer businesses the advantages of new-age digital learning. This partnership is another step forward in Eton Institute’s direction to provide the best communication solutions to individuals and businesses in the UAE and the Middle East.

Fabian Pereira, Business Learning Success Partner at Eton Institute, commented, “We are very excited to partner with Speexx and launch a transformation learning platform to the Middle East market. As the UAE’s largest training provider, our goal is to support effective communication for individuals and businesses and thereby enable them to succeed in today’s diverse environment, and offering Speexx’ learning platform will help us achieve that goal.”

With more than 8 million users in 1,500 organizations across the world, Speexx uses advanced technology to provide language skills testing, training, and continuous performance support to allow companies to improve their team’s communication skills through personalized training methods that are designed to specifically fit a company’s mission and vision.

“Eton Institute has developed unique, proven methodologies and techniques to deliver world-class learning solutions,” said Sarah Sullivan, Head of Digital Content & Communications at Speexx. “We’re happy to partner with a company that shares our values when it comes to effective communication as a skill required for today’s workers to excel personally and professionally in this ever-globalizing world and appreciate Eton Institute’s emphasis on borderless understanding and tolerance while simultaneously celebrating cultural differences.”

To learn more about Speexx by Eton Institute or to request a demo, visit:

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