Free Course: Mandarin Chinese

06 Feb Celebrating the Year of the Dog through Language & Cultural Appreciation

Eton Institute showcases appreciation for the Chinese culture and heritage by conducting a free Mandarin Chinese language course.

Dubai, 6 February 2018 – The year 2018 marks the Lunar New Year of the Dog in the Chinese culture, which is the 11th sign in the 12-sign Chinese Zodiac. For the Chinese, the dog is considered to be a lucky animal symbolizing luck, honesty, loyalty, and courage. Thus, this year represents fortune, prosperity, and achievement.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Eton Institute is conducting a Free Chinese Course from 26th February – 7th March 2018, which will cover the basics of Mandarin Chinese, shed light on cultural values, and cover some of the customs and traditions surrounding the celebration.

The study of the Chinese language is becoming increasingly predominant worldwide and offers endless benefits to a person’s personal and professional growth. Additionally, China is an important player in the international business market and has been the focus of attention for other countries, both economically and culturally.

Tudor Totoescu, Business Learning Success Manager at Eton Institute, commented, “The Chinese New year symbolizes new beginnings in the Chinese culture and we want to offer people the opportunity to expand their skills with our free course. Learning, understanding and speaking the language of one of the leading powers of the world is a valuable investment and a unique journey that can lead to many new opportunities.”

For more information or to pre-book your place, visit: or call 800 ETON (3866) to speak with an advisor.

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