16 Aug Experience Turkey at Eton Institute’s Cultural Evening 

Eton Institute is hosting a cultural evening to celebrate an extraordinary night of culture, language and tradition of the Land of Two Continents, Turkey. Dubai, 16 August 2015 – Raising the spirit of community among different cultures all over the world, Eton Institute organizes a Turkish Cultural Evening to showcase the country’s rich culture to language enthusiasts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.From the picturesque landscape of Hagia Sofia, the fairy chimneys of Goreme, the majestic Blue Mosque to the Bosphorus strait’s bizarre scenery, Turkey is a dreamland that drives the wanderlust of many travellers. Dubbed as the Land of Two Continents, Turkey spans across Europe and Asia a distinct fact that identifies the diversity of people and culture.

As part of our ongoing commitment to promote cultural understanding, we want to make these events an experience to remember, commented Manon Hazell, Marketing Manager at Eton Institute. This cultural evening will not only highlight Turkey’s language and culture, but will also be a gathering of language enthusiasts who share the same interest in discovering Turkey, she added.

The event will include a free introductory course on the Turkish language and an exhibit of delights and beverage famous for their distinct taste. The free event will be held on Wednesday, 19th August 2015, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Eton Institute Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, attendees who wish to learn more about the Turkish language can enroll for a starter course at Eton Institute. They will receive an instant prize and will automatically enter the grand prize draw to win the Apple Watch in Eton Institute’s Summer Special Offer (valid until 31st August).

To register for Eton Institute’s Turkish Cultural Evening, http://middleeast.etoninstitute.com/event/turkish-cultural-evening.

Turkish Cultural Evening
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