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06 Oct Eton Institute Supports Organic Business Growth through Languages, Communication and Culture

Eton Institute

Eton Institute will showcase solutions for improved communication, brain-friendly learning and global mobility at the Training & Development Show ME 2016.

Dubai, 6th October 2016 – According to an article by the Economic Times (2015), employee training and development is rarely given the importance that it is worthy of, despite the fact that its successful implementation is of high value to both, the company and the employees. Due to globalization, employee development is required to cater to an international market, with human resources from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Furthermore, according to Ted Landgraf (2015), employees spend over 75% of their time in a social situation and the growing global business requires knowledge of foreign languages as well as cultural etiquette, to sustain global growth. Online learning options further support workforce training due to their convenient and easily accessible nature.

Eton Institute, a leading international training provider, will showcase its innovative solutions for effective communication with more than 160 language courses, cultural understanding and online learning tools at the Training & Development Show ME 2016 on the 9th and 10th of October 2016.

We have 10 years’ experience as a leading training provider and we fully understand the challenges that many local and international companies are facing. Languages, communication and culture are fundamental to the human experience and necessary for individual and organization’s future success, commented Mark Abi-Aad, Corporate Manager at Eton Institute.

Eton Institute will be delivering an interactive seminar on the topic 3 Ways to Make Learning Brain Friendly in the Workplace, to encourage a unique and effective learning strategy for the workforce. From tech demos for online learning solutions and foreign language communication programs to exciting games and interactive brain-friendly activities, we have a lot in store at the Training & Development Show ME 2016 and we are excited to share our latest innovations in employee development solutions, he added.

Visit Eton Institute on stand #310 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center from 9th-10th of October 2016, to find out more about its innovative learning and development solutions. For more info:


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