13 Jul Eton Institute Launches the Next Generation of Language Learning Through its Innovative Microlearning Programs


Eton Institute

Eton Institute hard wires language courses to the mobile learner – bite-sized bursts enabling highly relevant and spontaneous learning on the go.

Dubai, 13th July 2015 – Digital Connectivity has irrevocably cracked the learning opportunity wide open. In a 2015 report by Gartner, almost 2 billion smartphones and 320 million tablets were sold in 2014. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

There is a misconception that symbiotic connectivity is the arena of the Millennials. In fact, Baby Boomers account for 34.7% of tablet users and nearly 95% of Generation X uses mobile phones. All use social networks, commented Sue Brett, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Eton Institute. We have been trained to digest a high frequency of information at high speed. Social sharing means that we are used to 90-second blasts and messages of 140 words (sms, pin, post or tweet length). YouTube receives over one billion unique visitors every month  that’s more than any other channel apart from Facebook, and it’s clear that video is our favorite way to access information, added Ms. Brett.

Eton Institute Language Microlearning is a way of learning in short, very specific bursts through mobile devices in formats as varied as videos, blogs, games, quizzes, simulations, podcasts or slideshows. Uniquely mapped to internationally recognized CEFR levels for language proficiency standards, continuous natural assessment after each Language Micro clip ensures that learners “can-do†as they learn and track their progress with learners around the world.

The underlying success factor of Microlearning is that content is offered in short durations of 1 to 4 minutes to mirror the human attention span and memory function, delivered the way modern learners prefer to connect. Microlearning is about getting maximum benefits through minimal input.

As experts in accredited language courses and mobile learning, we are committed to developing a greater choice than current market solutions, launching with the key languages of Spanish and English, followed by German, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian and French. Learners can get involved by signing up to receive alerts and voting for the next language on our website, continued Ms. Brett.

Eton Institute’s Microlearning makes learning a language as easy as watching a video clip.


About Eton Institute:

Eton Institute is globally recognized as a leader in learning and development solutions, offering Professional Development Training, courses in over 100 Languages, Teacher Training and Computer Training internationally throughout the Americas, East Asia, Europe, Middle East and South Asia. With a dedicated team of professionals developing highly customized programs, Eton Institute features the most sought after training methodologies and techniques, and is proud to be associated with top international thinkers to successfully provide organizational change for over 2,000 clients globally.It offers flexible timings and uniquely tailored courses to suit the learner’s needs. All training is facilitated by highly qualified and experienced instructors, teaching practical skills while maintaining competitive prices for individuals and businesses.

Eton Institute is an Approved Center for the delivery of Cambridge Exams and City and Guilds business qualifications. Additionally all language courses offered by Eton Institute are EAQUALS-accredited and meet Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards set by Council of Europe.For additional information please contact:
Manon Hazell
Marketing Manager
Eton Institute
Ph: +971 4 4386 809



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