14 Sep Eton Institute Celebrates the European Day of Languages for Greater Intercultural Understanding


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European Day of Languages to be celebrated in UAE at Eton Institute:For a greater understanding of Europe’s diverse languages and cultures, Eton Institute is hosting the European Day of Languages with cultural activities, free lessons and massive discounts on its courses.

Dubai, 14th September 2014 – The European Day of Languages was first organised by the Council of Europe in 2001 as part of the European Year of Languages initiative. It is the day when we commemorate Europe’s linguistic diversity and the benefits of language learning. With the UAE as home to more than 100 nationalities, encouraging locals and expatriates to speak various languages can help the community understand each other better and overcome cultural differences. There are about 225 European languages and learning some of them will provide an extremely rich and valuable intercultural understanding among UAE residents.

Eton Institute, UAE’s largest training provider, joins the celebration of this year’s European Day of Languages on the 25th of September, 2014. In this event, attendees will enjoy and experience the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of Europe through free classes, cultural workshops, interacting with native speakers, music and food, among many others.

“Language learning offers a way of opening our minds to new perspectives and cultures. It can benefit people of all ages.  Even just a few words of another language can help you make friends and succeed in what you do when in another land,†commented Moaz Khan, Marketing Director at Eton Institute. He added, “One of the many ways to stimulate interest and engagement in language learning is for organisations to support language and culture in as many forms as possible. We at Eton Institute are very much committed to doing that.â€

The institute has partnered with companies to provide its guests a variety of activities on the day of the event. There will be dance workshops to be conducted by BNF Dance Company-Dubai. Visitors can join the cupcake workshop courtesy of the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA). The French Bakery and Lounge Café Italiano will display authentic European cuisine. A Spanish demo lesson will be handled by the Institute’s in-house Spanish instructors. There will be a room intended for kids where they can play, learn and have fun. The schedule of activities is as follow:

Free Spanish Demo Lesson
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm (Places are limited and are given on a first come first served basis)

Activities and Celebrations
Time: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

The event will be held at Eton Institute’s premises in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the 25th of September from 4PM to 7PM. It is open to the general public. Those who are interested to study a particular language can avail of massive discounts of up to 50% on all European language and online courses booked on the day of the event from 8AM to 9PM.

Visit www.etoninstitute.com/ae or call 800 (ETON) 3866 to confirm you participation and receive free consultations and placement tests from specialized European language experts.

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For additional information please contact:
Moaz Khan
Marketing Director
Eton Institute
Ph: +971 4 4386 817



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