13 Apr ‘Dollarsandart’ Showcases New Artworks at Eton Institute


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Aside from his ingenious works of art, Jim Wheat of Dollarsandart exhibits selected pieces at Eton Institute to drive inspiration and creativity among learners.Dubai, 13 April 2016  As part of its commitment to empower individuals through communication and initiative, Eton Institute, a leading international language learning and professional development training provider, is thrilled to receive new artworks by Dollarsandart founder Jim Wheat, to be displayed at Eton Institute Abu Dhabi.Dubai-based international artist from England, Jim Wheat, encourages people to celebrate life through art and self-expression making it accessible to all by delivering his artworks to exhibitions and commissions with brands, people, partners and charities who share the same vision as the project.Jim Wheat has been sharing his pieces with Eton Institute since 2015. We are delighted to be a partner and these paintings help provide a conducive environment for learning since they express creativity and ingenuity. commented Manon Hazell, Marketing Manager at Eton Institute.The main theme of Dollarsandart conveys the philosophy that the universal symbol of the dollar sign influences people’s motivations and decisions in life. The new artworks displayed at Eton Institute Abu Dhabi include the ‘Back in the U$$R’ collection that depicts his understanding of the Russian culture in terms of politics, media and money. Currently, the Dubai branch has ‘The INTERGALACTIC$ Collection’, a visually stunning art that draws inspiration from the artist’s childhood in the UK with the theme on science fiction, film, television and technology and ‘ The Money Collection’, which encourages people to question values, lifestyles and what money means to an individual.

His next exhibition entitled The Cereal$ Collection will be launched on 15th April 2016 at the Courtyard area in Al Quoz. The collection will feature quirky adaptations on the boxes of the Snap, Crackle and Pop (art) of Rice Kri$pie$, to his playground nickname, $hredded Wheat.

We have collaborated with many individuals and businesses in the past ten years, and we welcome partnerships to help promote cultural appreciation through arts and language learning,added Manon.

For more information about Eton Institute’s partners and to check out ‘Dollarsandart’ at the Institute, visit Eton Institute’s Dubai & Abu Dhabi branches:


‘Dollarsandart’ Showcases New Artworks at Eton Institute

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