30 Apr Celebrating ASL Day: How Small Gestures Make Big Messages

In celebration of the American Sign Language (ASL) Day, Eton Institute encourages language enthusiasts to learn ASL by booking courses with 20% discount from 13th to 15th April 2017.

Dubai, 11th April 2017 – American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language, formed by organized hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions. Introduced in 1817 by Thomas Gallaudet, it is considered to be the fourth most used language in the United States. According to studies, a conversation is comprised with 38% voice and tone, 7% words and 55% body language; this supports how comprehensive ASL is in the holistic process of communication.

With its increasing demand in the workplace across industries, knowledge of ASL has become essential for customer-facing roles, supporting service excellence, as well as a more inclusive workplace culture. Individuals learning ASL as a second language are also inclined to benefits such as, improved word recognition and enhanced visual processing functions of the brain.

“Learning ASL will not only build remarkable relationships but will provide career opportunities, as it is increasingly becoming a vital skill in many workplaces. ASL is not only for Deaf people, and it is a truly enriching language to learn. Its growing popularity proves the need of non-verbal communication, often taken for granted but essential for successful relationship-building,” said Colette Abi Rached, ASL Trainer and Project Manager at Eton Institute.

From 13th-15th April 2017, Eton Institute is giving learners an exclusive 20% off courses in celebration of the ASL Day. Courses can be booked at the Dubai and Abu Dhabi campus or online using the promo code: ASLDAY.

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