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30 Jul Enjoy Increased Business Opportunities with French Language Fluency

This August, Eton Institute is offering a free French course to introduce people to the 3rd most powerful language in the world.

Dubai, 30th July 2018 – With over 230 million speakers across 5 continents, French is the 2nd most commonly learned foreign language in the world. It is also one of the working and official languages of the United Nations, European Union, and many other international agencies.

Fluency in the French language can help people travel to 29 francophone countries with ease, learn about exquisite cultures and possibly even acquire their dream job. Today, more businesses are seeking to hire individuals that are fluent in foreign languages and can support the organization in effective communication, both locally and globally. A research by the New American Economy (NAE) indicated that the demand for bilingual employees in the US has more than doubled since the beginning of this decade and is growing consistently.

The talent acquisition head at one of UAE’s leading banking group stated that French is among the top 5 languages demanded by employers and its fluency can act as a definite advantage when seeking employment.

Eton Institute is conducting a free Introductory French Course to give interested learners a taste of the French language. The course will teach them basic French words and phrases, and introduce them to the traditions and nuances of the French culture.

Romina Mahtani, CEO of Eton Institute, commented, “We’re on a constant lookout for ways we can offer people a chance to acquire new skills and improve their communication and our free Introductory courses are one of them.  Our aim is to encourage people to learn a new language and reap its many benefits, both personally and professionally.”

The course takes place from 12th to 16th of August 2018 at Eton Institute in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To learn more visit:

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