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“Winning isn’t everything. But wanting to win is.” 
– Vince Lombardi

Looking To Boost Your Professional Skills This Spring?

Looking To Boost Your Professional Skills
This Spring?

Reinvent your future this April and boost your workplace skills through engaging, convenient and spontaneous learning. Enjoy 30% discount on all Self-Study Professional Development Programs.Choose from over 700 courses to spotlight a single skill or to enhance a set of skills; from sales and leadership to computer and teacher training, gain instant access to a world of knowledge and opportunities at your fingertips.
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Blog: The Link Between Life-Long Learning and Wellbeing

Blog: The Link Between Life-Long Learning and Wellbeing

No wonder experts consider learning to be essential to a rounded life. In fact, it is so important that “Keep Learning†is one of the New Economic Foundation’s (NEF) Five Ways to Wellbeing along with “Connect, “Be Activeâ€, “Take Notice†and “Giveâ€. There’s something about mastering a new skill that feels so good. Any kind of learning can boost your wellbeing, not just a practical one, and there’s a growing pile of research to prove it.
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Virtual Courses

Learn on the go with Eton Institute’s Virtual Courses

Eton Institute’s virtual courses will give you access to a world of learning opportunities with engaging, interactive sessions that follow you wherever you go.Choose from Languages, Professional Development, Computer Skills and Teacher Training courses that are delivered with the personal touch and expertise of our Mobile Learning Instructors from around the world.
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Mobile Apps

Fast-track Your Learning with Innovative Mobile Apps

Research indicates that using mobile devices effectively increases motivation and willingness to learn.
Enhance your learning journey with our range of interactive mobile applications, available on iOS and Android. Complement your skills with our PhraseApps available in over 50 languages or learn to say ‘Hello’ and greet people in 20+ languages.
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Eton Institute Awarded Great Place To Work

Eton Institute has been officially recognized as one of the ‘Most Distinguished SMEs to Work for in the UAE’ by Great Place to Work Institute UAE for the second time.

Eton Institute promotes inspiring community programs and great employee benefits, and is delighted to be have received this award from the positive feedback and experience of its employees.

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