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Free Farsi Course

Join us for a Free Farsi Introductory Course

This month we are offering the beautiful Farsi language as our Free Introductory course.Not only is Farsi an important language in the Middle East and Central Asia but learning Farsi also provides an entry into a rich and diverse culture that produced exquisite miniature paintings, fine carpets and world-class films. Farsi is a language rich with expression. It has many layers and immense depth which allows poets and writers to beautifully portray thoughts.Take advantage of Eton Institute’s free Farsi course and relish Persian literature in its original form. For more details on the free course, pre-book your place today!
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A Spanish Extravaganza

Get ready for Ritmo Latino, a Spanish Extravaganza!

From Ricky Martin to Santana, jalapeños to burritos and sombrero to maracas, the Latin American culture has gained international recognition. Besides their food, dance and the love for their family and friends the Latinos are also famous for their passionate zeal and zest towards living life to the fullest.If you ever want to witness a fun fiesta then a Latino fiesta is the best place to go and we are organizing just such an experience for you. So come and join us for a Spanish extravaganza like no other. With culture, cuisine and scintillating language, Ritmo Latino will be an evening to remember.
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OSD Certification

Register to get your Ã–SD Certification!

ÖSD stands for “Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch”. The ÖSD is a state-approved examination and assessment system for German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language, and is accepted for university admission in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol (Italy) and as proof of language ability for citizenship applications for Austria, Germany and Switzerland.The last day for registrations for the exam is soon approaching. So hurry! Book your place today.View more information about dates and fees.
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Arabic and English Intensive Courses

English and Arabic Intensives soon approaching!

Our next batch of Arabic and English Intensive arrives with Spring. The very popular English and Arabic Intensive courses will help you move up a level in just 3 weeks. Conveniently available in morning and afternoon timings, the intensive courses are ideal for anyone who is short on time and has the desire to learn a language at a higher pace.Register now and start conversing in your newly acquired language in no time.
April Fools Day Prank

Did you fall for our April Fools Day Prank?

More than 400 people fell for the prank that played by Eton Institute this week. The Free ‘Art of Taking the Perfect Selfie’ workshop was an instant hit with the community.The workshop claimed to train participants on replicating the ‘Duck lips’ and ‘Sparrow Face’ made famous by celebrities, mastering poses that would always make participants the centre of attention and get them the most likes and recognition. This time it may have been a prank, but who knows, you might see an actual Selfie workshop in the future!
A trip to Australia!

Visiting the land of the Aussies!

A holiday to Australia can begin anywhere. You may chose Sydney to visit the stunning Sydney Harbor and Bondi Beach, famous for Aussie Lifeguards, or you may select to start in Melbourne, Victoria, famous for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and for being the home of AFL, the Australian Football League.    Let’s not forget stunning Tasmania, a world of its own or sundrenched Perth, famous for beautiful beachside wineries.  Darwin is the home to Uluru (the big red rock) and the heritage listed Kakadu National Park.
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