28 Jun Stunning Things To See And Do In Santorini, Greece

Traveling to Greece was an amazing experience. Great people, rich history, delightful restaurants, exquisite shops, breathtaking views, and the colors that surrounded me were as vibrant as ever.

Daniele V. shares his captivating experience of Greece.

Approaching the island of Santorini, I was pleasantly surprised by its unique vibration and beauty, and it was nice to see such beautiful remains of an enormous volcanic explosion that occurred over 3,000 years ago. For most of my time on this magical island, I managed to avoid the crowds and found peace. I have never had a more relaxing vacation than this one.

I decided to explore the towns of Fira and Oia. Fira, the capital and main city of Santorini, has a lot of accommodation options and has some of the best shopping centers on the island. I found it very touristy especially when looking for souvenirs, jewelry and artworks. The narrow streets on the cliffs of Fira are where you want to be.


Oia is absolutely stunning! It is built on a steep slope of the caldera, providing amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. You shouldn’t miss this unique experience. I would advise to take a bus from Fira and go directly to Oia in the afternoon so you avoid the cruise ship crowd at sunset time and you can enjoy seeing the town’s beautiful blue and white painted houses. Driving up to the villages, there are different layers of volcanic rocks caused by many years of eruptions. I had gone for a walk to photograph the area under an extraordinary variety of natural lights and colors. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and I enjoyed the view for a few minutes.

In Santorini it would be very easy to find a terrace with a view and never leave it. The restaurants offer amazing food – although a little pricey and scenic views of the caldera. The people welcomed me with open arms and everyone around was friendly and kind from the very first moment.


Santorini is most well-known for its traditional villages, but it has some incredible beaches, too. Due to its volcanic past, this island has white, black and red beaches, all within one mile of each other. Each beach has special characteristics, which make it unique and outstanding.
I hope you will have a chance to visit Santorini as it will take your breath away!


Top 5 Fact File for Santorini:

Before it was called Santorini, the island was known as Kallístē (Καλλίστη, “the most beautiful one”). It is one of the most romantic islands in the world. Thousands of people from all over the world go to Santorini to get married, renew or exchange vows of eternal love.

Languages Spoken: Greek, English

Currency: Euro

Climate: The weather in Santorini from April to October is sunny and bright

Local Dishes:

The cuisine is primarily based on the island’s own agricultural products such as tomato balls, Santorini salad, split peas in all their variations, fresh cheese, white eggplant and capers


Visit Akrotiri, one of the major attractions of Santorini. You will see preserved details of the volcanic attack of the city, where almost all parts of the buildings have survived apart from the roofs, and you will learn all about its history.

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