28 Jun Trip to Bali: Land of Thousand Temples

Our trip to Bali, “the land of a thousand temples” was a fantastic experience. It is a great place to visit for many reasons. The flight, hotels, transport, restaurants, tours and souvenirs are all great value for money. The weather is pleasant year round, and there is so much to see and do, while its natural, stunning landscape will captivate you.

January G., shares memories of beautiful Bali.

Bali has thousands of temples, and is actually referred to as “The Land of a Thousand Temples”. Most families even have their own temple within their housing complex. We learned about this on a bicycle tour through the rural villages. You can see sacred offerings placed at the entrance of every doorway to every building, and they do this three times per day.


The many Hindu temples and rice fields are wonderful for sight-seeing, but best of all is the Batur Volcano, in the Kintamani area. It is one of the highest points on the island at around 1500 metres, and the weather is about 10 degrees cooler. You can sit and have lunch on the edge of a cliff and take in the spectacular view of the peaceful (but active) Volcano and lake.


There is a lot of natural beauty to explore in Bali. One day we spent 3 hours rafting down a river. We floated by the lush forests and beautiful waterfalls, and stopped to look at rock carvings along the way. We also spent some time at a park, feeding and observing monkeys. We watched them in their natural habitat from right up close, as they are not at all shy of humans. They would groom each other and the mothers would look after the babies. One of them hopped on my shoulder and ate his banana!


If you appreciate arts and culture, then Bali will not disappoint. The Balinese culture is unlike anywhere else in the world. The markets and handicrafts, paintings and carvings are all very unique and interesting to browse through. Watching a morning or evening Balinese dance is a cool way to see one of their ancient traditions, and a fun challenge to try to follow the story.

We stayed in an area called Seminyak, which is a very good location. It is small and quiet, not too far from the airport and right next to the action of the popular Kuta area. There are plenty of shops and cafes to choose from and just a five minute walk to the beach. One night, we saw an Indonesian Beatles cover band perform. They were great!


Although getting there from Dubai was a long journey, as there is no direct flight option, it was worth every effort. If you decide to travel to Bali, I highly recommend it and hope you find these tips to be inspiring and helpful.

Top 5 Fact File for Bali

Language Spoken: Balinese and Indonesian

Currency: Indonesian rupiah

Local Dishes:

Nasi Goreng – Fried Rice mixed with spices and soy sauce and combined with egg, meat and vegetables

Gado-Gado – a vegetable salad made of a combination of raw and cooked vegetables covered with peanut sauce

Satay – skewers of meat combined with spices and grilled or barbecued then served with different sauces.

Bubur Sumsum – Balinese dessert made of glutinous rice and coconut milk

Climate: Bali generally has a tropical climate year round with temperatures averaging 31 degree Celsius

Fun Fact: Besides the usual white sand beaches Bali is also home to beautiful black sand beaches. These beaches are courtesy the active volcanoes that dot the island

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