13 Jun A Checklist: 10 Items You Should Never Miss When Travelling to Cold Places

You are excited as you’re planning out a surreal chill treat, travelling to the snowy ice scaling areas. Inspired by a full-fledged dream vision, you can’t wait to be on the cold tops and dewy side stations. But this vision needs to be carefully planned out through a useful, easy-to-consult checklist.

Not only it provides an outline of fun activities, this checklist can help you ensure safety during your trip. Read on and get ready to snuggle amidst the cold temperature of the winter wonderland:

1. A Composite First Aid Baggage. A first aid big box (seemingly luggage) containing medicine supply for the whole family and team-up voyagers is an essential. Also, this type of aid is always useful when the dedicated medic runs out of first-aid kits.


2. Daily Requisite Item-Keeper. Travelers should keep a bag of daily essential items for ‘survival’. The items include toothbrush, combs, shampoos, spare shirts, towels and a small amount of money. Things vary depending on the candidates’ preferences.

3. Diary and Notepads. If you’re deeply into writing, a journal is your best buddy to sporadically document your whole exploration. The diary is a good witness of your adventure and the notepad will help you plan ahead as the trip progresses.


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4. Extra thick clothes for more warmth. When the snow is dense (and it feels like you’re breathing in cold fog), be ready with extra layers of clothing to keep your body temperature stable.

5. Mobile Guides & Library. Make sure to pack area guides and winter guides, to ensure you remain on your planned route. Likewise, do have a few guide photocopies in everyone’s bags so that it’ll help each hiker when necessary.

6. Storeroom Bag-in Facilitation. Don’t forget to add long-life container foods in your bags. This will ensure an energy top-up after tackling challenging slopes and terrains.


7. Frequency Modules. If you’re up to a big-budgeted snow expedition, grab a handy mobile handset (walkie-talkies), some solid satellite phones, a few radio sets and other necessary items for communication among your team.

8. Crafty Knick-knacks. Yelp! Having some personal Swiss knives can’t harm. Remember, these things should always be in your ensemble pouches, especially when you’re on the move.

9. List of Contacts. This is one of the best life-saving items when you find yourself in an emergency situation. A few enlisted contacts on a paper in your wallet is a critical item when all the tech goodies fail to function during your expedition.

10. SOS and Emergency Products. Don’t forget to pack up some SOS materials such as sparklers, flair guns, and smoke containers. Though this is a high-end gear, these requirements are life-savers.

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My name is Catrine Hemson. I am a freelance writer and exploring new places is one of my life goals. I write about my travel experiences with the help of my geeky cousin/travel buddy. Though I have visited many places, I am addicted to travel-venture and sharing my stories. I have recently started working as an Editor-in-Chief for a clothing line.

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