29 Nov Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Language Lovers

The holiday season is upon us and it is that time again when you express love to your family by gift giving. We have come up with a list that will motivate language enthusiasts in keeping up with their studies during the holidays.

Check out these gift ideas perfect for a merry learning season:

1. Kindle

Kindle is a great gadget that can provide access to tons of e-resources. On their own convenience, they may browse, read e-books online, access language magazines and other digital media in a tap of a finger! Moreover, Kindle devices are available on various operating systems such as Android and iOS. Your friend would be happy to know that our famous pocket-sized Language Phrasebooks are available in Amazon’s Kindle Store, too.

9 Holiday Gifts for Language Lovers

2. Cudoo® Online Language Course 

This is an amazing language learning course that your loved ones can find online. By purchasing a monthly or annual subscription, they can access thousands of video resources and language micros in over 160 world languages! Learners here can complete a course in 3-4 hours. To find out more, visit Cudoo® and start exploring re-inventful learning.

3. One-on-one Tutor

A private tutor is a great idea especially for learners who wanted to focus more on pronunciation. The tutor can assist in articulating the words, acquiring linguistic skill in specific learning areas and even offer extra motivation since learning happens real-time. According to B.F Skinner’s Operant Conditioning Theory of Learning, responses are strengthened when reinforced by rewards such as even verbal approval and praise. A private tutor might give just that by encouraging the learner thus strengthening the learning experience. Check out the options with Eton Institute’s Live Online Courses and sift through the popular courses for your friend or family.

4. Vacation Trip

What’s a better way to learn a language than to travel in a country where the language is spoken! This can be an effective way of motivating loved ones to learn their target language. Visiting a country offers practical ways to test linguistic skills and even be exposed to interesting cultural insights that help in appreciating the language! At another level, this is a method supported by persuasive models of Social Learning theories where theorists consider the importance of observation, vicarious reinforcements and even imitation in the process of learning. Make sure to book the dates ahead so your friend can prepare for it.

5. iPod Touch

iPod touch is simply a handheld personal computer that can be useful for language learners in many ways. It allows learners to download resources, watch videos 24/7, meet and speak tutors online and listen to language podcasts. All they need is a connection to the internet through Wifi and your friend will be a language guru in no time.

Sticky Notes

6. Sticky Notes

These colorful pieces of sticky brilliance can help in mastering your language to keep retention and repetition. They can be a great way of helping learners memorize words, their translation, and even their pronunciation through their phonetic transcriptions printed on them. Simply write the ‘word’ and then stick it on your favorite spot or the item itself for learning reinforcement and practice whenever you please i.e. the Spanish word for ‘table’ is mesa, you can write it on the sticky note and label the ‘table’ in your home or office! A cheap and effective gift idea!

7. Mobile Apps

Yes, apps! Language learning apps are wonderful places for learners to horn their linguistic skills. This can come handy way for loved ones who like doing their things from the comfort of their smartphones. They can conveniently carry their devices around wherever they go. Some language learning apps even provide hundreds of languages around the world.

8. Scanner Pen

This is a smart handheld scanning device that can scan just about any text, numbers or images automatically. The information can be scanned from any books, notebooks, text editing applications or even from the web. Additionally, it is a device that can scan documents in hundreds of languages. It saves time for the learner, making learning more convenient using their preferred reading device.


9. Headphones

This is a gift that can be integrated into language learning with the help of audiovisual resources. A good headphone can be compatible with devices such as smartphones, iPods, and computers. A learner can use them to listen and talk to their tutors and language learning buddies online. Having comfortable facilities that can be a motivation on their own!

According to studies, language learning rate is greatly influenced by aptitude, integrative motivation, and mode of presentation. Particularly, learners who are high on integrative motivation learn faster and the rate of learning is more rapid with visual and written aids.

Motivate and support your language-learning loved ones by gifting them a language to learn.

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