24 Oct Revealed: Top 10 Most Bike-friendly Cities in the World

Nad Al Sheba, Al Qudra, Yas Marina Circuit, Dubai Autodrome, are just a few of the best cycling spots in Dubai. But it doesn’t stop there! To keep up with the fastest growing activity in the city, the Nakheel Communities Cycling Masterplan are planning to develop 105 kilometers of bicycle tracks across Dubai. The UAE is keeping up with living a healthy lifestyle through cycling but what about the rest of the world?

According to the Copenhagenize Bicycle Friendly Cities Index 2017, here are the top 10 most bike-friendly cities in the world:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

CopenhagenComing in first on the list, Copenhagen is the cycling capital of Denmark. At least more than 60% of the residents use bikes to move to and fro places. Cycling is the number one mode of transportation either for work, school, or leisure. It wouldn’t even seem weird seeing a man wearing a business suit riding a bicycle while carrying a coffee!

2. Utrecht, Netherlands

UtretchThere are more bicycles in the Netherlands than there are people. That’s how bike-friendly this country is. With the yearly increase in bike riders, the Dutch government is soon to open the world’s biggest bike parking garage in the city of Utrecht. The parking garage would house more than 12,000 bicycles free of charge for 24 hours, followed by a small daily fee of €1.25 for the following days.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s historical streets, as narrow as they may be, were built during the 17th century. Exploring the city is more fun on a bike. Locals and tourists alike become indistinguishable when riding a bike; a perfect blend to experience the beauty of the city.

4. Strasbourg, France

StrasbourgStrasbourg is France’s number one bike-friendly city. The longest cycle network which runs for 500km is located in this city, at the heart of the region of Alsace. Biking is so engrained in Strasbourg’s history and culture that tourists can request for a cycle tour to see the whole city. Thanks to Strasbourg’s proximity to Germany, cyclists can also cross the border and continue their cycling trip in another European country.

5. Malmö, Sweden

With the city’s flat planes, cycling around Malmö is made easier without the hurdles of uphill or downhill lanes. Locals and tourists both believe that the city really is made for cycling! Air pumps are found conveniently around the city, the abundance of bike shops facilitate quick fixes, and rental bikes are available for everyone.

6. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is not only famous for its stunning vineyard landscape; it is also the second bike-friendly city in France. Cycling is the perfect mode of transportation to follow the routes of vineyards, castles, and villages that makes up the city. Cycling tours are offered conveniently where tourists can explore the city leisurely, at their own pace.

7. Antwerp, Belgium

AntwerpUnlike Malmö’s flat planes, Antwerp on the other hand may challenge the average rider with its tram tracks, cobblestones and road works. Overcoming these challenges can be rewarding as cyclists explore the vast greenery and impressive architecture of the place. Prefer being close to water? Cycling routes around the city also pass through the river Scheldt with other magnificent surrounding attractions.

8. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Even though it has one of the highest car ownership across European countries, Slovenia’s capital city lands a spot on the top list of bike-friendly cities in the world. A large coverage of the country’s territory is the abundance of greeneries and forests. The city’s constant urbanization is evident through cycling. Bike paths, trails, and network systems are implemented after studying Copenhagen’s bicycle infrastructure that helped in developing the city.

9. Tokyo, Japan

TokyoTokyo is the only Asian country to make it in the top 10. The urbanization in this concrete jungle is well-balanced with scenic parks, temples, and many other attractions. Albeit there are no dedicated bike paths, cycling is still encouraged as a mode of transportation mostly due to a rising concern for the environment, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

10. Berlin, Germany

You cannot go to Berlin without visiting one of its most historical sites, the Berlin Wall. Visitors can cycle through the former 150 km long Wall. Many residents suggest that the best time to cycle is during the summer where you can enjoy long rides without fearing frostbite.

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