24 Sep 90% of Teachers in the UAE Need These 6 Skills

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” ― Aristotle

According to the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), professional development improves the teaching skills of teachers to ensure that students receive the best possible quality of education for a bright and successful future.

Consequently, government bodies in the UAE (ADEC, KHDA & the Ministry of Education) have strict skill requirements for schools and teachers in the country in order to sustain high education standards for students from all backgrounds. Right from how to integrate UAE’s national agendas to planning for inclusion of Special Educational Needs (SEN) students, teachers need to be well-versed in it all.

To support UAE’s education objectives and help teachers in the country enhance their skill set to perform to the best of their abilities, we have compiled an e-Book covering:

  • 6 vital skills required for teaching in the UAE
  • The unification of UAE’s national policies & school curriculum
  • The mandatory certification required for English language teaching in the country


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