04 Jan While You Were Sleeping, A Multilingual Took Your Job

The greatest perk of speaking several languages is getting more opportunities and career prospects. Multilingual professionals expand not just their income but also their view of the world, interests and communication networks. Multilingual employees are often given preference in employment opportunities for many reasons. Here are the top five reasons you probably never thought about.

1. They help the organization become a place of tolerance and cultural diversity 

Businesses with a multilingual workforce encourage and promote cultural diversity as well as tolerance, acceptance, and respect for people from different backgrounds and nationalities. This helps improve the overall corporate culture of a business and leads to a more creative and varied exchange of ideas and opinions.

2. They enable organizational interaction and growth 

Employees socialize with one another in the work environment. In effect, they grow professionally and socially just by communicating with one another. The ability to speak more than one language expands one’s scope of interaction. It also opens up opportunities to learn from different cultures through coaching and colleague training.

3. They improve conflict management in the workplace

Conflicts are natural scenarios in the office setting. Any organization with people who can speak different languages can hasten conflict resolution through effective language skills.

4. They bridge the gap between the company and potential customers 

This shows how big of an advantage multilingual professionals have as company ambassadors, and may eventually be considered for promotion. The bond between a customer and the employee can create customer loyalty, and speaking the native language of the customer is an essential step in establishing it.

5. They are key assets for field or international assignments

A multilingual employee is likely to be assigned travel and business trips abroad because of his or her skills to interpret and translate a foreign language during meetings and conferences. For most employees, an opportunity to travel around the world is a gift.

Learn a foreign language and become an irreplaceable asset to your organization. Start your course today!


About the Author: Joseph C. is an avid reader and an enthusiastic traveler. He’s passionate about learning new languages and sharing his culture with others. Next on his list: Learning French. Oui!

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