28 Jun Mauritius: An Unforgettable Trip

“You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” (Mark Twain)

Mauritius is really one of the closest things to Paradise of the heart: think of Mauritius and your mind instantly conjures up images of powder white beaches and tropical palm trees, luxury resorts and an atmosphere out of this world….

Eton Institute’s Head of Italian, Patrizia L., shares amazing memories in pictures of Mauritius.


I went to Mauritius in July 2011 for my honeymoon and I stayed in La Pirogue Hotel on the Flic & Flac beach, the best place on the Island to admire a romantic sunset!

Flic en Flac Coast


Formerly a quiet and serene abode along the calm and crystalline waters and white sand beaches off the West coast of Mauritius, Flic en Flac bustles with world class holiday accommodation. The few hotels are lined up for tourists in this part of the west coast. The entire coast is spotted with the beautiful ‘filaos’ (Casuarina trees).


Mauritius isn’t just about beaches. Mauritius has plenty to see and do, with cosmopolitan towns, historic sights and lush forests. In the South West part of Mauritius, in the heart of a fertile valley, lies the Rhumerie de Chamarel. The road leading to the Rhumerie is lined with vast plantations of sugar cane growing side by side with pineapples and other tropical fruits.

Grand Bassin


Grand Bassin is a lake high up in the mountains about 1800 feet above sea level. It is the most sacred Hindu place on the island of Mauritius and there is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva here. The people of the island believe it is filled with holy waters from the River Ganges in India, and people make pilgrimages from their homes to the lake on foot on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri. There is also a 108 foot statue of Shiva which was created in 2007.

Chamarel Waterfall


Chamarel is the highest waterfall in Mauritius at 100 metres. This natural beauty spot is the perfect photo opportunity and certainly an impressive sight. Climb the stairs to the viewing platform at the top and take a look at the breathtaking waterfall as it hits the pool 100 metres below.

Charamel ‘Seven colored earth’


A geological wonder, the ‘seven colored earth’ of Chamarel depicts dunes with seven unique colors conglomerating in one place. The dunes were created by volcanic rocks which cooled at different temperatures and became crushed into sand, which then settled into different colours.

Naval museum of Mauritius, Mahebourg


Built by Mr. Jean De Robillard in the 1760s, this museum was built in the architectural style of that century. During the famous “Vieux Grand Port” battle in 1810, the rival commanders from the French army and the Royal Navy received first aid in one of these rooms in the museum. The museum interests people of all ages.

Rochester Falls


The Rochester Falls are the widest waterfalls in Mauritius. The plentiful cascade of freshwater crashes down the interesting shaped lava rocks from a high of almost 10 meters. The environment of the Rochester Falls is really lovely and natural. The waterfall is surrounded by sugarcane fields, banana plantations and the amazing river bed in which the waterfall flows. You will find an enjoyable silence around the area where the Rochester Falls are located where you won’t hear any other noises except the rush of the water.

Top 5 Fact File for Mauritius
Language Spoken: English and French
Currency: Mauritian Rupee
Local Dishes:
Dholl Pori – a fried thin bread stuffed with ground yellow split peas and served with chutney.
Fish Vindaye – fish prepared with spices like mustard, garlic, ginger and turmeric and served with rice, lentils and pickels
Alouda – pink sweet milky beverage with tapioca balls, flavoured with a syrup
Rougaille – A popular Creole dish made with meat, fish, tomato, garlic, onion and thyme
Winters in Mauritius vary between 20°C and 26°C and summers vary between 26°C to 32°C.
Fun Fact:
Before it became extinct, the legendary dodo bird was found only in Mauritius.
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